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I'm a software engineer building and learning since mid 2021. Currently focused on building agents, products, pipelines and more using LLMs. Recently, I've started contributing to open source projects I use personally, and professionally. I'm passionate about learning new technologies and improving my current skills.

I'm open to new work opportunities around generative AI applications and/or agents. To get in touch with me quickly, send an email my way.

Open source contributions


braceasproul (at) gmail (dot) com




Brace Sproul


LangChain AI

AI/ML Engineer

October, 2023 -


- Contracted engineer. Working on the LangChain TS/PY open source libraries, along with other LLM related projects in collaboration with the rest of the team.

Create, Inc.

Technical Team Lead

July, 2023 -

October, 2023

- Core team member developing Create's code generation AI agent using OpenAI's GPT via Langchain. Working across a full TypeScript stack, building various features and products, including content generation using LLMs, infrastructure and database architecture, along with web apps.

Create, Inc.

Software Engineer

October, 2022 -

July 2023

- Developed multiple enterprise grade full-stack web applications for Create's customers, and internal apps. Worked across the entire stack, using Next.js & Apollo GraphQL on the frontend, and TypeScript, Typeorm & PostgreSQL on the backend.

Lots O Slots


December, 2022 -

March, 2023

- Designed and developed a fully featured admin dashboard and user-facing application, scaling it to meet all requirements.

- Implemented payment tracking functionality in the admin dashboard for various payment processors such as Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, and more.

- Built a robust backend infrastructure capable of handling high volumes of data and traffic without any performance issues.

Linear Services

Backend Developer

September, 2022 -

January, 2023

- Worked with many customers, building custom solutions

- Used a variety of technologies and APIs including AWS, Stripe, Discord, and more


Personal Finance App (portfolio project)

March, 2022 -

June, 2022

- Custom built personal finance app

- Utilizes the Plaid API to connect to bank accounts

- Built with Next.js, Material UI, Firebase and TypeScript

Covid Statistics

COVID-19 Data (portfolio project)

January, 2022 -

March, 2022

- My first full stack application

- App to track and display COVID-19 data

- Built a custom web scraper to collect data

- * Backend is no longer running, data is out of date *

510 Kickz


September, 2017 -

October, 2021

- Bulk sneaker and apparel distributor

- Sold 1,000's of items to 1,000's of customers worldwide

- Over $600k in lifetime sales

- Learned how to run and scale a business